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Golden blue

And once again the theme of the extended life in another work, in which Carla Pitarelli conceptualizes a more symbolic reflection of the theme of humanity on its way: a group, where each individual is different and unique in its being part of an entirety . Physical and aesthetic enthalpy and entropy. As in the story where everyone is equal to the other but still unique, especially from a genetic point of view, in the value of an individual path that is apparently lost in a common approach. Beautiful is the looming and yet not distressing grey, which is the background to this oeuvre and plunges dramatically into the artist's works; an artist who never gives up taste and refinement, despite the considerations which lie behind its construction. Here the colours are mainly grey and sun yellow. The first, a symbol of a confusing and difficult life which leaves you hanging; the other, as in surrounding minds and souls, which clearly indicate the direction towards a goal, a Greek telos, that is the meaning of existence. The work of Carla Pitarelli is neither painting, nor photography or video art: it's a bit of each, combined together; it is the aesthetics of an Italian tradition that knows how to borrow a Baroque taste for decoration and wealth of symbols; it's the innovation of contemporary research, where the screen and the fluidity of the image is recognized, even academically, as in the inevitable and mysterious new frontier of the unconscious and of the tribute that the abstraction technique owes to the archetypal styles and art decorations.

Emanuela Torlonia Dottorini