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The night

is a languid female, lying on one side, giving her back to the onlooker, involved on a white bed that’s suspended between earth and whirlpools caused by sea currents with a boudoir background. THE NIGHT is the title of this piece, but what it really evokes is the dream, that dreamlike dimension suspended between reality and imagination, consciousness and unconsciousness. Topics dear to Magritte’s psychoanalysis and surrealism, Dali’s impossible sensuality or maybe even Chagall’s intangible vertigo. Exactly a vertigo, this woman’s beautiful nude body, that is transported in its stillness by water currents and drawn to mysterious places: dreams of awareness or those hidden in the folds of the soul. This woman’s elegant and majestic dreams, belong perhaps to the artist Carla Pitarelli, who lends herself as a model for her work and tells us her story with poetic beauty and harmony. The visual elements are photographically joined by the sea’s blue colour and the soul’s abyss, as with the celestial sky. Cold colours, that dilute the naked body’s sensuality, putting the aspect of a dreamy night in the foreground, a metaphor for a state of liberating neglect that rejuvenates body and soul. The sensual image, at the centre of the work, marks the conceptual framework of all the other images, the artist’s message unfolds on different layered levels of interpretation. The subtle and blurred background of opaque grey, tells of great cities like Rome and other big European capitals, which are now almost far from consciousness; a world that is alive and real, chaotic and noisy which is now muffled, still and far. The sleep dimension has taken its place and has become reality soaring above it, while the dreamlike unconscious has also become real, currently carrying it elsewhere, in the most hidden intricacies of the soul. Great backgrounds open up.... large glass windows and impressive crystals. Dreams of elegance and beauty open wide; an Artist’s dreams are revealed.

Emanuela Torlonia Dottorini