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Layers of photographic images and a reoccurring idealized and dreamlike Rome, are the backdrop to many of her “PAINTINGS OF LIGHT”.
Carla Pitarelli is a Roman artist who does not fail to pay homage to the artwork that formed her first taste in art. A sense of grandeur and magnificence, that remains printed in the strong visual impact and size of the works that evoke the Roman majesty in size and colour. The great pictures of light, as she calls them, are novels telling stories, that lead to surreal places staging ideas of reality; theorems resulting from creative inspiration and demonstrated in the same work of art.These assumptions are often the artist’s intimate stories, her thoughts and dreams that re-emerge from the subconscious and take a strong and unreal colour, that tends to score precise and intense emotions.
You can tell that Carla Pitarelli is an emotional, almost totally instinctive artist, if it weren’t for the great technique in her study of images and colours that makes her
an undisputed professional art.The fluidity of her images in their unusual combinations and sharpness, are the two antipodes into which her poetry and technique unwrap; the latter has been well established in years of graphical art success at international level.
The excellent use of colour, authenticates two clearly distinct moments that oversee her work. The first is intuitive and full of emotions, two typically female characteristics. The other very important moment, is the technical processing and refined design, a clear result of Carla’s studying and hard work.
Commitment and talent are therefore an excellent substrate for these “PAINTINGS OF LIGHT”, that combine art, photography and design made in Italy.

Emanuela Torlonia Dottorini