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Passage from the sky to earth

A spell of images and colours, are the screens of video-painting by the Italian artist Carla Pitarelli who presents in Passage from Sky to Earth and Golden Blue, two conceptually linked works.
Paths, roads, streets, trails, meandering life and soul are the new concepts of object reflection of this artist who, in the vertigo and spatial three-dimensional layering of images, strikes in a surprising way, as, for example, in the trompe l'oeil or dioramas of the 60's view-masters. But here, the deceit of the eye, is enhanced by the monumentality of the screen, that is the translation of contemporary media art murals.
The frescos are now in videos, that, through pixels and light emitting diodes, modulate the light and fluidify the images, that are intertwined and come together in a unique and strong visual impact.
Not only the size, but the colours and light, give to Carla Pitarelli's works, a sense of grandeur,  enriched with a multitude of symbols and layers of interpretation, that multiply over the visual immediacy that the work portrays.
The dirt roads, gravel or cobbled streets with the dusty and wooden slats, are the hard bases where the path of life rests, in its very harshness. There are enchanted flower colours, surreal like a dream that accompanies all of our existence, raised towards a rational indefinite horizon. A clear and unreal blue unites heaven and earth, where flowers and rosebuds that tower in their perspective are screened.
Symbols of a travelling man are his boots, beautifully worn out, consumed and undone,  used as a shield against the setbacks of life, protective and strong; the swinging 70s shoes are instead, the symbol of the echoing free steps of Carnaby Street and are another emblem of the strength of living young and free.
Passage from Sky to Earth seduces with the story and symbols of the path of man, immersed in the enchantment of nature, similar to that of Alice in Wonderland.

Emanuela Torlonia Dottorini