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The mother earth

by Carla Pitarelli, transmits this primordial force in a powerful and stylish piece of art, which is full of sensuality. A Woman Gea, the Earth, emerging from water and the womb, as a sinuous and feminine goddess with firm breasts, posing as a classical female, rather than a matronly nurse. It is a contemporary Mother Earth, with perfect bodily lines and advertising poses, as it should be when describing women today. The perfect limit that circumscribes the outlines of a sensual mother earth, is the concept of elegance, essential and unavoidable to an artist like Carla, even when the message being communicated is of great sensuality. Art can and must still tell us something without becoming brutish. Sure enough, Mother Earth is especially feminine, a myth of aesthetic perfection and worship, as the Gea of Attic vases, the first nurturing woman. Here, the Earth becomes a mother in the natural stratification of the primordial elements that cross-through her body, the universe’s original and powerful source. The rocks, streams, shrubs and moist turf shaded in warm colours, in the images thinning up to the last layers of forest and sky. All of the background through the Woman’s body, from the hearts of rocks, to heaven’s free breathing, in a fusion of colours and images that are drawn from nature. Carla intervenes on the colours, by recreating with applications of transparency and powerful analysis, a striking and desired piece. In all this visual and emotional power, there are also elements of grace and fragility, that are the inevitable parts of being a lady. Two red roses that are transparent in their focal points of life and nourishment, the origin of growth: the essential points of motherhood, recalled with elegance and delicacy. In the life cycle’s story and power of Mother Earth’s myth, Carla, tells us how to make sense of an image which depicts the power of life, a woman’s sensuality and the elegance of a female artist, who does not hide behind unnecessary symbols and reinterpreting natural vitality, in classical art. Perhaps this is her most autobiographical piece, which details her body and soul, therefore revealing deep down what she feels to be a woman and a mother, how important it is to live and to have given life.

Emanuela Torlonia Dottorini