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 Cosmic rainbow

This opera is a real chromatic cosmogony decomposing into rainbow colours, like a prism stricken by a beam of light. The piecing together of an entropy by a colourful combination of light beams, following the beautiful sequence of rainbows. These are virtual rainbows created with natural elements, harmonized according to the fancy taste of an Artist whose graphic art is a triumph of nature, a trembling one, the natura naturans, i.e. the active element in scientific philosophies. A vortex of blue waves, that flow with the rustling of mysterious green forests; foliage glowing with a yellow sunshine that turns into the burnished orange of the lichen on the harsher rocks, softened by purply pink peony and bougainvillea, finally reaching a mysterious and celestial indigo violet. It is a powerful tale of cosmic life, with the kind of colours and flowers that Carla loves, as symbols of a woman and her messages hidden in the petals, as well as the colours of these true works of art, naturally created by a generous and perfect Mother Nature. This is the simplest, immediate and straightforward piece of art, also the most beloved by an Artist who inserts vortex at the centre as a symbol of alpha and omega, as the origin of everything. The representation of the beginning and end of all things, this symbolic element is a space age vortex, telling of an apocalyptic paradise, where confusion will ultimately compose itself into wonderful harmony. Everything originates from human intervention, from a painter’s palette starting to give its own colours. Then the explosion of nature occurs and colours begin to create deep emotional and olfactory sensations. Warm fragrances and aromas mingle together with the warmness and freshness of sea waters. They are incredible physical onomatopoeia sounds. This work is definately legible from a spiritual point of view because it expresses the vital principle in all directions: intrinsic, physical and metaphysical. Perhaps because true art knows how to speak a universal language and resonate in every soul, illuminating its reflection in those who crave art.

E m a n u e l a T o r l o n i a D o t t o r i n i